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What This Blog Is About:

I have been an entrepreneur for a little under three years. I can't say I have gained much insight into the business of business, but it certainly has been a very interesting ride so far. Over the past few months, I've met quite a few people, especially students in their final years at college, who want to be entrepreneurs. A number of very interesting questions have been posed to me by these individuals who quest for more information on how to become an entrepreneur, an intrapreneur and a myriad of other sorts of -preneurs. The idea for this blog stems out of one of such interactions.

The aim is to help in whatever way my team or I can. I cannot for the life of me promise daily updates (or even very regular ones, for that matter!), but I can definitely try to address some of the main whys, whats and wherefores that usually crop up during the process of planning to start an enterprise, and in the course of setting up said enterprise.


Be warned, I'm nowhere close to an expert, and all the views, opinions and information, unless otherwise clearly stated, are mine alone, and in no way ensure any sort of anything.

Here goes!🙈🙉🙊


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