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With Great Power ...

2018 has been definitely, definitely been a year . And not too often in a good way. In fact, most times in an un-good way. Whew. Today, I want to talk about leading. On every single one of my first few résumés, there was a bullet point under the heading of "Skills", with a line that enthusiastically described my "leadership" capabilities. With examples. Plenty of examples. My cousins used to say I was bossy, when we were children. I agree. I have a vague feeling that I still am. Now, however, it serves me very well. I am a boss. I'm THE boss, at Aeka. There was a time when this thought gave me a thrill. But when I look back over the last almost five (FIVE?!😱😩 where did all that time go ?!) years, I have stated this out loud only in the toughest of situations, and just a handful of times. This seems worth reflecting on. Leading, In My Experience: Here's my take on leadership: It is hard . Often bewildering. Sometimes lonesome and alienati

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