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Outsider Syndrome

The Outsider Syndrome - Feeling Out of Place There are times when, as entrepreneurs, we get to attend events where fellow entrepreneurs, mentors and potential investors congregate. I still remember the first such event I attended, where I went, blinking my baby entrepreneur eyes in the spotlight, against the flash and glamour of all the old hands moving about what seemed to me their natural habitat. The feeling that struck me that day is something that I still experience, on and off - "the outsider syndrome". That very uncomfortable feeling of being very, very out of place. Reminiscent of our first day at a new school, or at a new job. Not quite sure of the dynamics, not sure what to do first, feeling at lease a tiny bit gauche, as if our hands and feet aren't quite following our brain's orders! 😄
It is natural to feel like we don't belong somewhere we have never been before. And to a relatively fresh entrepreneur, the cold, hard truth is that most places are ne…

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