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Who's Got Your Back?

The Importance of Team: The main factor that affects how we feel about our workplace is the team we work with. This includes our peers, our juniors (i.e. those who report to us) and our seniors (i.e. the ones we report to). Imagine working in an organisation where we feel completely out of sync with the rest of our team. If this were so, it is highly likely that we would be listless and lifeless by the end of the workday. This would hold true whether you work for someone, or are an entrepreneur. In fact, it would be doubly important to have a team that works well together in a start-up, as the success of the venture could likely depend on it. When you attempt to build an enterprise, keeping it simple is best. This is true for selecting your teammates too.

1) Pre-existing relationships:Whatever relationship you have with your start-up colleagues (spouse, friend, family, acquaintance, coworker) should be considered null and void. Being co-workers in the core team of a young start-up is u…

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